World-wide Puzzles featuring Blinkz 2

Travel around the world and out playing solitaire! This is definitely the only game in town. Solitaire, as we know, is a tabletop game where one player can play alone -thus the game is named ‘solitaire’. This game not only improves one’s focus, but it also helps in patience, concentration, and strategy. Throughout history, solitaire sprung out many forms, these forms include Peg Solitaire, Majong Solitaire, and more. Experience all types of solitaire card games with the help of Bgames!

The first game is not a Solitaire games but it demands brains nonetheless!
Blinkz 2 is a game that combines physics, timing  and lots of thinking. You must delete various objects on the screen to make the 2 lovers ( displayed as objects) meet their one and true love!  Blinkz 2 is filled with challenging levels and mesmerizing graphics and sound, the difficulty curve advances slowly and the last levels are quite brain breaking!

Chill out and experience our first stop in our worldly solitaire adventure! Explore the ancient Egypt in  Scarab Solitaire! Play your favorite game with the suiting Egyptian music. Feel the ambiance of a different culture as you spend time completing each level. This game’s colorful cards are packed with wonderful themed arts designed to increase the feel of the game’s theme as you try to practice and increase your skills in the arts of solitaire.

Travel through Europe in Discover Europe! Explore different landmarks and tourist spots as you complete all the levels! Each level of solitaire game-play completed will be followed up by a game of match the difference between two pictures of historical landmarks of Europe! Enjoy the series of mini games and challenging yet fun solitaire in your trip across the land of Europe! Complete each level fast for extra bonus points.

In other country you play solitaire, in Soviet Russia solitaire plays you! In Last Spy Solitaire you play your favorite timeless game solitaire in a Russian spy theme! Clear the table in every level to proceed with the investigations! Having similar rules to that of Mahjong Solitaire, this one presents a unique arrange of cards which may prove to be more challenging or easy depending on the player.

When Earth isn’t enough, Go outside! reach the skies and travel through different planets in Galactic Odyssey Solitaire! Complete levels to blast your way out of our planet and into others, even out of our solar system! Clear all the cards to win the level. This solitaire has similar rules to mahjong -hence this can be classified as Mahjong solitaire, and to be more specific, it follows the same rule as Shisen-Sho. Enjoy the view as you complete levels that are more daunting the last, get on the rocket and fly through space! Use your card skills to complete the tour and go back to your home planet.

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