Rise of the Helpful Machines!

New year calls for new technologies, that later leads to the rise of robots! Bgames holds a variety amount of robot and mecha genre flash games. To have an idea on what to expect in the year to come in the field of robotic technology, try checking out these games. Now let me give you a head start!

Watch them wiggle watch them flip in Dance of the Robots. With the blend of the techno pop, this jump and evade flash game will make you follow the groove of its music. Unfortunately you can’t make your robot dance in this game, but the bigger, meaner robot will. Firing his rockets on every beat of the music, your mission is to dodge incoming rockets and to survive the duration of the music. Yeah, just like the real dancing robots, this one is just for entertainment!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated breakthrough in the industry of robotics is the invention of robots that can save lives! That’s right, I’m talking about Rescuebot! In this game you play as the AI (artificial intelligence) of the rescue bot… err wait, lemme rephrase that.. you play as the rescue robot. In this fun hidden object puzzle game and your goal is to rescue all life forms that your radar picks up after a massive earthquake. Personally I like this game, but I am ashamed to tell you that I can’t even rescue the poor cat. Thus I am unable to proceed with the story. :(

Robo Blast: Yes, we will eventually come into the field of military… this is an inevitable fact that robots will be used as a weapon or as a mean of defense. In this fun shooting game you will be controlling a military robot. Shoot and blast enemies all around you and try to take down as many as you can. You are given the authority to upgrade and choose the weapon of your choice in order for you to survive. Try to remember that in the arena, you’ll be facing different types of robots with different weaknesses and attack patterns. Exploit them to gain full control of the battlefield.

Robot Mom: This is rather unexpected, What will the humans gain from inventing a mechanical mother? Anyway, the game’s story doesn’t revolve on that. This is a puzzle flash game where you will be helping a child robot and your ultimate goal is for the child bot to be reunited with its robot mother. Help the poor bot by taking away obstacles and clearing the bots path.

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