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Hungry for something sweet? Well why don’t you give yourself a treat! (my that rhymes) Learn to bake and make delicious food here on Bgames and satisfy your crave for those sweetie goodness! Learn and have fun along the way! Oh! and prepare to be hungry on the process!

Learn to make a sweet dessert in Cherry Pie Trifle! Prepare the ingredients, slice some bread, and pour some cream! Experience and learn the art of making an amazingly sweet goodness! This cooking flash game is just for fun and education! It teaches you how to make a cherry pie triffle! The only challenge is that you have to complete each task on a limited time! Have fun and learn on the sweet way.

Experience the thrill of baking in Knead For Speed! This  fast-paced baking game takes you to a wild ride in the kitchen. Join the six legendary  brothers as they roll, knead, and chaff their way to challenging mountain of orders! Without a doubt, this is a pretty challenging game. It may take a while to get used to the gameplay. The graphics are a little bland in my opinion, but there are a lot of games that have an amazing gameplay without having an outstanding graphics nowadays… I have to admit I had a hard time figuring out how to create something specific… well, don’t follow my footsteps and make the six brothers proud!

Share the sweetness in Mini Fruit Pie! As the demand for fruit pie increases, you wisely grabbed the opportunity to supply their demand! And in the struggle to be unique you gave birth to mini fruit pie! Well to make it short, you’re selling it. Gameplay is a bit common but is fun nonetheless, It is both cooking and time management genre game. Make fruit pies as fast as you can to increase profit and avoid not satisfying your customers!

From yummy to gross, treat the undead with some neatly cut flesh for them to eat in Zombie Burger! As the living population decreases and the undead taking over the world, it is ideal  to seize the opportunity and start a tycoon with no other target customer than the undead population itself! The gameplay is similar to other cooking and time management games (like the one mentioned above), but with the all new bloody theme! Serve them with rotten food or fried fingertips dipped in blood fast enough or else… they may decide to eat the owner of the stall.

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