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Decorating your house can be a lot of fun, but it can also be painfully tiring! like you have to push this one over there, drag this one over here, pull this one a little towards there, and perhaps attach this one here.  Good thing Bgames allows you to grab the fun out of decorating and enjoy it all by itself! Play decoration-themed flash games and bring out your artistic and creative side just by pointing and clicking!

Decorate your classy living room in Decoration! This game is descent in its genre but it has one major problem… It lacks creativity! You can’t really be creative with this game since some parts are really meant to fit with only some places of the room or else it would look awkward. Other than that, it’s a good game to start! It has good graphics (and when I say that I mean good drawing) and some nice items to be placed like curtains and chandeliers. Good game when you want to be fancy!

Tired of the same old living room? decorate and rearrange your bathroom in Girl In Bathroom! Now I’m going to be honest with this one, this game can use a lot of improvements. An inventory tab would be quite an ideal start. I mean you start off with two desks with different colors, how many same desk do you need in a bathroom anyway? Well I guess I’ll have to throw it out of the game screen. I sure hope they continue to work on this game, the idea of decorating places other than the living room  and bedroom is good, especially the concept of designing the bathroom… looks pretty promising to me.

Done designing your house? Now decorate your pet shop in… well… Pets Shop!  This game is not your conventional design and decorate game, because in Pets shop you don’t decorate the place, you decorate and dress up your pets! Make them wear glasses and shoes and put them anywhere you like in the store! If you’re a pet or an animal lover try this game! Have fun and see all your pets in their cutest looks!

Celebrate someone’s birthday by bringing the party in his work place in Birthday Party Decor! I kind of prefer the color quality of the previously mentioned games but this game is good. You have all the common items to work upon so you can really use it at designing a real life birthday party! Later did I know that your goal is make the room look exactly as the one in the preview (found in the upper right corner of the game screen). But hey! I prefer my birthday design better.  ;)

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