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Combine maritime action and strategic board game and what will you have? That’s right! a series of fun and engaging classic battleship!!! We know everyone have played this game before, that’s why we on Bgames deliver not only the classic, but the good innovations of this fantastic board game as well! Check it out and play with your friends! Show no mercy captain!

Battleships: for those who miss the classic game, here is the one for you… It doesn’t have anything new added to the game. It’s just… well… classic. If you haven’t played battleships before, this one is pretty straight forward thus you will grasp the basics of the game in no time. You will be fighting with an enemy A.I. and your mission is to defeat the enemies fleet before all your ships are sunk. This one doesn’t offer multiplayer support so you can practice and develop your strategy against an enemy A.I. all you want.

Warship Strafe: this one has both good and bad innovations in it. let’s start of with the good side, first it has an amazing audio which is kind of realistic, they also made the battle board wave like a real oceans do. But I’m afraid it stops there. The bad side, well you only have 3 ships. On top of that they all have the same size. And the board is pretty small too! So why play this? Simply because its rules are a little different than the classic. To spoil you, well, in this game you don’t get a chain attack once you hit a target. So if you think the rules of the classic are a bit too unfair… then try this and enjoy.  Oh and yeah, this doesn’t have a multiplayer support too… pity.

Battleship: The Beginning : for something that has a past theme, this one has an amazing innovations to the game! The introduction of the skill/item system is perhaps one of its greatest feat! It also offers a lot of challenging levels to conquer!  And on top of that it has splendid graphics and effects. So blast everything and make sure that only debris are left on what was once your enemy! It  lacks multiplayer support though, which will probably bump its way to the top.

Fleet Fighter: Yes! I have saved the best for last… This one, to make the long story short, offers multiplayer action! This action strategy flash game offers the most innovations to the game. Aside from having a wacky cartoon graphics, outstanding random skills pops out here and there! I assure you, there will be no dull moments in this game! So ready your fleet and start firing!!!

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