Against All Odds

When enemies come at your horizon, what will you do? I’ll tell you… BLOCK their way and DEPLOY cannons, turrets, sentries, and towers on their path! That’s right, I’m talking about tower-defense games (TD)! Not just any tower defense games, but the best tower defense in their category! Ok, that’s a bit subjective. But these games sure are a game worth checking out – if you’re into tower-defenses that is. Some awesome TD games in their respective categories have already been mentioned articles before this one. They are also worth checking out, and a little scroll down doesn’t hurt does it?

Brave enough to go ahead on everyone? Catch and destroy all the enemy and save your allies on Frontline TD! This battle takes place on the modern times. That’s right, guns, shotguns, and grenades are your allies as waves of enemy ground troops approach your headquarters! Be the first to take them down in this awesome tower-defense game. Play now and try it.

Roll back to the age of magic in GemCraft! Create powerful gems to arm your towers and defend your village from a monster onslaught! This TD is actually unique, because In this game, the strength of your tower depends wholly upon how good you are at crafting! You can also cast spells in the midst of combat to aid you on your battle but be careful not to deplete your mana resource, you need it to craft your gems and crystals.

Now on to cartoons! Not just any cartoons, but POKEMON! And you thought TD games are not for little kids. If you are one of the many many MANY people who got addicted to pokemon since its Gameboy years, then this will be a blast from the past! Pokemon Tower Defence has the same graphics as its Gameboy RPG counterpart (pokemon red/blue). They didn’t just converted it to TD, they combined it to the RPG elements of the original game! Yes! That means you also have to do the catching… can you catch them all? Doesn’t really matter, your goal is to protect those rare candies from falling to team rocket’s hands… but you will still try it wouldn’t you?

Well since I already mentioned some good TDs in the past (and it’s up to you to check It out). I’m gonna present you with something awesome! Check out Shore Siege 2! This is where horde of slimes try to take away your gold. Arm yourself with cannons to defend your ship in a game very similar to Plants vs Zombies. Don’t let them take away your hard-earned… I mean looted gold, play now and begin the wave!

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