Stategic Victories

War between races appeals to me to be quite interesting, (like the feud between humans and orcs in Lord of the Rings) because in a fight where armies are involved, skill and strength will not be enough to ensure a glorious victory. Strategy, Tactics, Formation is just a few factors to be considered… Well… I’m sorry to babble like that. But if you’re like me, someone who prefers strategy other than brute force but like to see armies crashing on each other nonetheless, Well, check out the four games that I’ve spotted, these strategy games might interest you too… :)

Nob War: The Elves: In this action-strategy flash game, you will be leading a squadron of elite elven archers (yeah! Talk about LotR). You will be facing many races as the war rages, but what’s more important is having allies to back you up. Develop your strategies and know your skills well, as well as your opponent. Remember each type of enemy has a weakness, exploiting it would be best if you want to succeed.

Embark in another epic action packed game in Epic War 5! In the fifth installment of the series you will, again, be able to choose between three characters. Each one will have its own strength and weakness to consider as well as different spells and abilities, so choosing which one is crucial to your gameplay. Don’t forget, with the objects and weapons gained after every battle, you can arm your hero and your minions to best suit your battle strategies.

Medieval Wars: is a turn-base strategy game where your goal is to outwit your opponent. This is not a battle between races, but a battle between factions -A feud between humans during medieval times. I have to admit, I had a lot of difficulties understanding how the game works but the battle is similar to the game called Risk. Battle conclusions are decided with dice rolls. So just like in a real battlefield, luck plays a major role in the path to victory. Do you have what it takes to conquer your opponent’s castle?

From feud between humans, we move on to a much more greater battle between mankind and demons in DemonRift TD! This game is a tower defense game (if you haven’t played one then it would be best to try one and find out what ‘tower defense’ means) in which you will be facing hordes of demons as they try to overtake the surface. Help and protect mankind from extinction, upgrade your army, position them well and build structures to aid you in this epic tower defense game. Protip: Knowing your enemies’ weakness and strength is crucial in every strategy game. Remember: forewarned is forearmed.

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