Sports Gone Cartoon!

Whether physical or mental exercise nothing beats sports, But when it’s raining outside or you have no one to play to, that’s where flash games come in.  here at Bgames you can find a lot of selection when it comes to sport-themed flash games. You might not be exercised compared to the real counterpart (with all the sweat and smell), but if you mix in ‘cartoon’ and ‘wacky’ with ‘sports’, you can have a whole new level of fun right in front of your screen! Here are four cartoony examples of how much fun is waiting for you if you play, try it now!

Stitch Tiki Bowl: Join the fun with Lilo & Stitch in this cute flash game! You’ll be controlling Stitch to play bowling, and by that I mean having Stitch as your bowling ball! Of course you’ll be needing Lilo’s help too, don’t worry! ‘cause she’ll be there by your side… cheering. Different obstacles like totems and miniature huts make this bowling game extra fun, especially if you’re the perfectionist type!

How about extreme sports? Check out Upstream Kayak and try to survive the most ravenous stream while doing flips and stunts on the air! This one is a very challenging flash game to play, but once you get along with the controls and the gameplay, you’ll find it to be quite fun! Don’t forget to collect fruits for bonuses!

Have you ever wondered what golfs are like many decades ago? Well, play Medieval Golf and wonder no more! Without inventing the golf clubs these fellows use bows to play golf! This wacky flash game sure got me giggling! At first you’ll get to choose between two archers -One which is tall and thin and the other one which is pretty small in size. I don’t really know what’s the difference between the two characters aside from their appearances, but I’m guessing they have different stats too! The gameplay, character expressions and movement are quite funny in my opinion, just don’t get fooled by the longest bow, your target hole isn’t that far… you’ll find the smallest bow pretty handy though and pretty funny too!

And my pick of the week sport-themed flash game is… dandararan! Drumroll please…  Bow Man! Well, yeah it’s not actually on the cartoon category (because they look more like a stick) but hey! It’s perhaps the most fun and simple archery game there is! Put into consideration the angle, strength, wind direction, wind strength, target distance, and obstacle this game puts into practice the basics of becoming a professional archer! With its simplicity and a little blood and violence, I highly recommend this game. It’s best played with a friend too!

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