Heroes on the Run!

Being a hero is very tiring. Fighting bad guys, rescuing some tree-stuck kitties, and running from places to places drains a whole lot of stamina -especially the running part. Even heroes got their “hero” too, and I think with these guys, its Forrest Gump. Well, here are some flash games that involves your favorite heroes on the run!

Run Bolt Run!: Perhaps the fastest dog in the history of heroes… Bolt! …OK! OK! So you’ve seen the movies, don’t get too cocky and tell me that he doesn’t have all this abilities, etc. Well this one actually takes place inside the set, So you’ll still got your moves and abilities. This adventure game, just like most of the adventure games out there, makes you fight villains and collect coins here and there to complete a level. I honestly don’t know how the title and gameplay is connected, but perhaps it’s the visual effects when Bolt run which is pretty cool.

Ben 10 Savage Persuit: Dr. Animo, once again, sent his mutant animals to do his bidding. It’s up to you to race against time and recover what Dr. Animo stole before he completes his evil device! –so to speak. In this action adventure flash game you’ll be playing (perhaps one of the most famous cartoon hero today) Ben with which you can use your ability to transform into four different aliens. (sorry guys. You can only choose four among the 10 classic aliens Ben have- and I will not be the one spoiling them to you) You will be needing the different abilities of these alien to pass obstacles, access areas, and defeat certain enemies.

Run Batman Run!: Oh no! Our dark knight vigilante is being chased by the local police! Help our caped crusader avoid obstacles in this awesome cartoon game! Trust me, this one is very fun. And perhaps the most fascinating feat about this catching game is that you’ll be using your mouse to move! That’s right! So go AFK (Away From Keyboard – to those who do not know) and LOL (Laugh Out Loud – this one is pretty common) while playing this flash game! Oh yeah, this one reminds me the most of Forest Gump!

The last flash game I will tell you will take you underwater and down to bikini bottom! That’s right! Our last hero for today is Spongebob Squarepants in his knightly armor in Spongebob and Dragons! What better way to run underwater than with a sea horse? Eh? Get it? err… no? well, that’s awkward (guess you can just consider this random now huh?). Well, in this underwater arena you will be engaging Plankton’s troops to save the princess! There are a lot of great feats in this game. One would be the fact that you’ll get to choose one of the four main characters of Bikini Bottom, and second would be the fact that you can have a friend to play this game with! Pretty neat huh?

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