Halloween on a Flash

Halloween is upon us, prepare yourself for some spooky stories, costumes and most of all… CANDIES!!! but if you prefer to curl in front of your computer rather than to go trick or treating on your neighborhood, well you have absolutely no excuse to miss Halloween! And why? Because Bgames delivers all the essence of Halloween right in your PC! (or laptop or whatever).

Emma at Halloween is a fun and colorful way to start your Halloween experience. This spot-the-difference flash game will surely give you the feel of wanting candies and wearing costumes. All you need to do is… well… spot the difference! And enjoy the story of Emma as it unfolds! Literally… it UNFOLDS!

If you have your costume (and your game mode) on,  then it’s time to hit the road and go trick or treat! In Trick Or Treat Game you will be playing as a witch with a gigantic cauldron in the middle of the street and your goal is to look and gather all the necessary ingredients to make potions that will shake the very essence of Halloween! Using your broomstick and your wand (yeah… much like in Harry Potter movies) you will soar the skies to attain your goal, and with your witchcraft you can turn anyone who oppose you (mostly helpless, defenseless children) into frogs and zap those who cannot be turned! But be careful flying and using your wand will drain your powers, and you will fail when it goes empty. But worry not, The gigantic cauldron will replenish your powers! All you gotta do is dive in and cook yourself! (and I was here wondering why witches have green skin)

Someone got very unlucky and woke up one Halloween morning in hell. Help the soul of this guy (or girl) escape the darkness of the netherworld in Hell Tour. Help the poor soul pass the 18 challenging levels by finding two things, one is the key to open the door, and the second is obviously the door to put the key in and get out of the current level. You may also be in need of  few things necessary for the poor soul to survive or else he (or she) will be trapped in hell for a ghostly lifetime. It’s a challenging board game with a mix of RPG elements like levels and ghost battles which makes it a worthwhile trip.

Alas! No Halloween is complete without pumpkins! And we got the best pumpkin in the graveyard. Help Jacko, a pumpkin-head skeleton, find the final element to complete the spirit of Halloween in Jacko In Hell. This adventurous skeleton travels all through hell to complete his goal and help anyone –or anything that needs his help. The dark theme of the game is one of the qualities that makes this addicting flash game standout and hook you for even more adventure.


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