Gotta Catch’em All…?

Err…what!?  No!  I’m not talking about Pokemon, I’m talking about catch related flash games! Like fishing or catching a falling object,  Bgames holds a number of various catching games. If you want to check it out, then I’ll give you a head start with these four flash games. Have fun!

It’s raining fruit and worms in Fruity Basket!  As a game of catch this one is pretty simple… get as many fruits as you can (with a total score of 4000) in a two minutes duration and avoid the creepy crawlers that will reduce your score and stun you for a second or two! This game comes as straight forward as it is but only with a much cuter graphics. So if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like complicated games, try this one and just have fun. Oh and by the way, this game is best played with a competition.

How  about catching an eagle’s egg and throwing It to the falling cows? Sounds crazy right? Well it is! And in Crazy Chicken you get to do all that, plus a crazy lion chasing your tail! It’s a wacky cartoon world out there, so you better be good at catching and dodging cause there is a lot of stuff going on in this fun game.

Like fishing? Catch a whole bunch of fish in one strong pull in Trap a tuna! Compete with all the fishermen to prove that you’re more skilled than them, but don’t forget your order… a thousand kilograms of fish! You think that’s hard? Well, think again! This fishing game allows you to hook more than one fish every time! Although there is another catch, there are a lot of different fishes out there that may cause harm to you. An electric eel for example may stun you and waste your valuable time. Knowing which type of fish is good and which is not takes time but it helps you complete your collection.

It’s global warming! We should protect the polar bears from extinction. Help papa bear feeds his cub in Bear Fishing! Now unlike regular fishing (with the hooks, rods, and nets), We fish using papa bear’s very own cannon! And why? Because in the polar region all the fishes are frozen! (bet you didn’t think of that one did you?) Break the ice of all the fishes with limited ammunitions to win a level and feed the baby polar bear. Oh and yeah, the cub will do all the catching this time, so you better focus on shooting and breaking the ice or else the cute cub will go hungry :(

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