Do the Moves!

“The way of the sword doesn’t belong to any one nation. Knowledge of the arts belongs to us all”  as stated by Piandao in a cartoon series called Avatar. You know what it means? It means you gotta bust a move and show off your sword skills! Race, age, gender, nationality, you have absolutely no excuse to grab a sword and show us what you’re made of. Now, hold on there! we don’t want you to grab a real katana and start swinging wildly… (that, will ruin our reputation saying we are a bad influence to the children and child-alike) that’s why we at Bgames have tons of sword fighting games just for you. Here are four flash games worth checking.

Do the moves with a sword! And become the ninja you want to be as you save your village from the evil samurai’s tyranny! (my, that rhymes!) Level and become stronger  as you slash, poke and kick your enemies with your trusty katana in Ninja Brawl! Yep!, Shurikens are indeed included in this paint-style drawn action RPG game.

From shurikens to fireballs! Practice your sword and magic and become the legend in Yan Loong Legend!  Participate in this grand adventure as you fight waves of enemies! Yes, it’s another RPG but with a different theme, I guess that’s like moving from Japan to China now eh?

In Wulfgar, we take you to… well… I frankly don’t know. But it sure looks Viking-y! You will be controlling this dwarf warrior and using your superior battle techniques and dwarf tactics you must defeat legions of the undead as endless waves of skeleton rises from the ground! Your goal is to get rid of this eeeevil once and for all! But I’ll tell you this my friend, the path to good is never easy… yeah it means you’ll probably die a lot, but hey! Dying in combat is sweet! Or is it?

Finally! In Combat Tournament you are given the choices of having to wield a sword, or use your fist to brawl! Actually you can choose between 3 characters, with different specialties, but most importantly… COMBOS!!! Yes perform epic combos in this fighting flash game and crush your enemies as they stand on your way. If you want to brag about your moves, Then try to beat this game and show your friends how good you are. Protip: Don’t mind some few misspelled words and hilarious enemy names… they will only throw you off your guard… be warned!

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