Click or Treat!

Yeah, we all got our lazy days every now and then, days when you just want to lay down and rest. Y’know, times when you wish that you can just ask your younger brother to do your choirs, homework, etc. Times when you wish that you can just… do things instantly by just pointing and clicking! Fortunately Bgames have a lot of point-and-click games for your lazy bones, and since it’s still the spooky season, I got something special for you guys.

Learn the way of the vampire in Vampire Skills. With this exclusive tutorial, you will learn that being a vampire gives you more perks than just being pale, wearing capes, and having glitters on your skin. This point-and-click flash game will keep you entertained as you try to discover and master every vampire skill possible! from being a bat (talk about beating batman huh?) to having super speed and strength, experience it all as you play! Are you vampire enough to complete this tutorial? Well… why don’t you find out?

Challenge yourself and play this spooky point-and-click game! Be a detective and investigate paranormal activities in Ghostcape 2 : The Cabin.  As a ghost hunter, your objective is to gather evidence and investigate a creepy cabin. Take pictures of scattered graves and paranormal entities as you try to solve the mystery that lies in this dark, quiet woods. Keep your eyes open for some scattered items such as tools, which can serve useful later on. This game is not recommended for those who are faint hearted. But if you’re expecting a real heart shaker… no this isn’t one of those scary pranks. Protip: Do not use your real name, it gets really creepy if you do.

Sleepwalking can be very dangerous, you never know, you might end up in a place called Transylvania. Just like Mr. Potato in this fun and challenging flash game. Help him find his way out in this dark and mysterious land filled with chubby devils and other potato captives. Don’t get fooled by its cute theme, this game can deliver quite an adrenaline for a point-and-click. Have fun and don’t let the monster tree gets you.

Escape the spookiness of this season and help Adam find his girl, Eve, on the colorful paradise of Adam and Eve! This wacky flash game will take the stress of your tired muscles. Watch the reaction of Adam and his friends as he travels through a dinosaur-filled land and enjoy the game as you click your way to Eve!

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