BbrRrAaAaAiiiinNsS! (left cerebrum)

Rumors about the fast coming end-of-the-world may seem a little too much… but admit it, in the back of your mind you are waiting for a zombie apocalypse! I’m right aren’t I? Well then, welcome to my two-part-special talk about flash games that feature the walking dead! Zombies come in different shapes and form (from rotting corpses to fleshless skeletons), they also come in various speed from super slow to running zombies! Indeed horror films got a lot of those creepy undeads and flash games doesn’t fall behind! So if you wanna mentally prepare yourself to this kind of apocalypse, perhaps playing games would help you most! Here are some appetizers, try to check them out!

Welcome to The Z World! Here you’ll live peacefully as your zombie neighbors try to creep their way to get your brains! In this flash game you’ll be controlling a girl next door chick, but don’t get fooled, this chick can turn zombies into dust and crack their skulls open if needed, good thing it has an old school graphics now eh? Try to gather various weapons to counter different types of enemies. And remember, this chick got some magic under her sleeves too!

Based on the film Zombieland comes a challenging flash game with a terrifying mix of sports and undead. Introducing… Zombieland!!! (What? You’re expecting a different title?)  Unlike the movie, in here you’ll carry only one weapon… a baseball bat! But fret not, not only does your comrade throws the baseball for you, he may also throw you other things such as a very heavy bowling ball (I’m not really sure if you can hit it with a baseball bat in real life…) so make sure to hit it right! You don’t want it falling in the wrong spot now that’s for sure.

From surviving the apocalypse to getting revenge! Impale those zombies down to every limb in this violent cartoon flash game! Impale is a physics-type of game that lets you shoot zombies in your special zombie catapult to impale them (as its title implies) into mounted spikes and hooks!

From getting vengeance to actually taming the undead in Brains Will Roll! Feed the hungry zombies by rolling brains to them, Remove blocks to pass obstacles in this fun puzzle game. Some levels that require timing and precise sequence delivers quite a challenge, so feeding your zombie friends isn’t really that easy. Stay tuned for the second part, There’s plenty more I want to share. But if you can’t wait, you can always go ahead and scout for some games. But for now, it’s ‘to be continued’ my friend.

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