War on Boredom!

Sometimes, people declare war. It might possibly come from a deep primeval need for conflict, but it doesn’t really matter on what, we are constantly declaring war on something or someone (in an episode of the nerdtastic British TV sitcom The IT Crowd, the CEO of the company where the show takes place declares war on stress, for example). So, why would flash games be any different? After all, some of the most fun and exciting games are war games! Let’s take a look at some of those.

Ace Defense is a game in which you have to locate your weapons in strategic places in order to destroy all the enemy waves that cross the road. While pursuing that objective you also need to be careful, because there is a limited amount of money, and weapons have its ups and downs (for example, if a weapon has a wide range, it usually does minimal damage). Therefore, that requires putting a lot of thought on the matter before making any investments or placing your defenses. Harder than it sounds, that’s for sure!

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Desert Moon is quite similar to the previous game, but here you have to locate soldiers (instead of weapons) in strategic places in order to destroy the aliens that, well, run in every direction. The thing is, in this game, the enemy can actually attack and destroy your forces (as opposed to Ace Defense), which demands better planning (and increases the action). It also requires that you choose your soldiers wisely, for they have different weapons and costs. Destroy those alien bastards!

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Now, for the obvious on-topic games (the ones that actually have War in their title) let’s move on to Medieval Wars. This game is different than the previous two. It is more of an RPG game in which you and your opponents have to take turns at making moves in order to conquer the land and defeat your enemy. If you attack an enemy (which you do by moving into their space), the result of the conflict will be decided at random by a toss of the dices. Is luck on your side?

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Our last game of the day is called Tentacle Wars. In this game, you control some sort of amoeba with (wait for it) tentacles, and you need to spread what I believe is your germs… or something, to the remaining red amoebas. Or maybe they are circles. Whatever! It’s a battle of speed, so be quick to conquer the empty spaces and your enemy, otherwise you will lose…pathetically… to a bunch of red amoebas. And I don’t think there can be bigger humiliation than that.

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