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There’s this British band I love, you might have heard of them: they go by the name Radiohead. Yes, I am talking about what is only the most innovative and talented group of musicians of the past 15 years. Sure, their music may feel undecipherable to many, but their appeal is undeniable (I’m on a bit of a Radiohead kick here, can you tell?). They are an acquired taste, if you will. So, in their honor (and taking into account that they actually have a theme-related song, the fabulous Jigsaw Falling Into Place), today’s article will be all about puzzle games: Games that make you think, keep an open eye and a critical mind.

Cheat Death is an inventive Tetris-like game in which you have to place the colored block on the grey areas to help the man reach the life elixir. Beware though, it is a race against the clock, and if it takes you too long, the dude might die – which makes you lose, which sort of makes him your avatar, right? (Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that movie, and those are 105 minutes of my life I’ll never get back – this is much, much better). Anyways, he gets older by the second, so you need to be fast and take into account the immovable black blocks. Help the guy survive!

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Tropical Gems is the typical connect-three-of-the-same-kind puzzle. What makes this game kind of unique is the fact that the gems move in groups of three, so you need to make sure to click on the right group so that the gem you want to move goes into the right place! On top of that, there is also the more pressing urge to be quick or lose against the clock, but you should be sort of used to that by now.

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Kubmic is a puzzle game similar to Chuzzle as far as gameplay goes, but the goal is different. Here, you don’t have to connect three or more fuzzy little hairy balls; you have to make the colored squares in the big screen match the ones in the smaller screen. It is a different kind of jigsaw, if you will. Some of the levels are quite simple, others will have your moving the vertical or horizontal lines for hours!

Click to play Kubmic

Now, to wrap up on a high note, let’s move on to a game that has nothing to do with the other three in this article or with the theme of the day, shall we? KNOX is a game in which two or more people can play at the same time. The goal is to make all the red balls leave the big circle by knocking them with the black ball. Whoever does it in less shots, wins. As far as extra options go, you can choose how big the circle is and how many balls there will be. Anything you want to make your friends look like crap, really.

Click to play KNOX

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