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There is a strange fascination regarding guns. People may love them enough to join the NRA or hate it with a passion grand enough to write songs and movies against it, but nobody stays indifferent to it. Now, for the purpose of this blog, and flash games in general, games involving weapons are always fun, so today’s article will be dedicated to that. Let’s shoot at stuff!

Flaming Zombooka 2 is a game in which you may also find one of my favorite topics ever: Zombies (Yay!). Here you have to kill them using a bazooka (one of the most effective methods for it; how fantastic is that?). The avatar resembles Breatrix Kiddo, a.k.a. The Bride of Kill Bill, so that just makes this game even more awesome. Killing zombies is not always as easy as it seems, and you get a bonus for killing them in creative ways. What creative ways? Well, you only need to explore this game and find the best way to kill the walking dead.

Click to play Flaming Zombooka 2

Legendary Penguin is quite similar to the previous game, except that the scene is much brighter and more light-hearted (and isn’t it logical? Just check the difference between movies starring penguins and those starring zombies!) and you have to wake up Eskimos instead of killing vicious zombies. And, of course, your avatar is a penguin that shoots paper balls out of a bazooka-like weapon. Some levels are way harder than they seem, some are way easier than they seem, and some you will pass without even knowing how you did it.

Click to play Legendary Penguin

Now, this next game is… pure genius. Rabbids Travel in Time is a release from the Rabbids Saga in which you travel in time (DUH!) and have to destroy the enemies with… toilet paper… Yes, you read right. This game so really weird (as are all of the Rabbids Saga games, so that won’t surprise you if you are familiar with them) that is simply epic! Beware; you only get a limited amount of toilet paper rolls per level. Use them wisely!

Click to play Rabbids Travel in Time

This last game has a different game play than the others, but weapons are included, so it’s NOT off-topic, really. Undead End Hardcore is yet another platform fighting game in which you have to destroy zombies in a hardcore way (again, how much awesomeness can you feature in a single article?). The graphics are pretty basic, which means that gore is actually notched down, but there are lots of blood and fun. As usual, you are meant to show no mercy; it’s for your own good, you know!

Click to play Undead End Hardcore

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