Got Balls?

I imagine you all are aware of the fact that multinational companies launch different advertising campaigns for different parts of the world. Now, the PlayStation 3 campaign for Latin America apparently features this ad, which I found related to this last post here at BGames Blog. So, today, we are going back again to our childhood with games involving brightly colored ball-like items. And, guess what? There are lots of those, so it can’t be much of a childish concept, right?

Our choice for a first game in this article is pretty obvious: a connect-three game (much like Puzzle Bobble). Bubble is a point n’ click game in which you shoot colored bubbles that you are meant to match to the ones above them. Whenever you connect three or more, they go away. The game is potentially endless; it goes on and on perpetually, until you finally lose. That means that the objective of the game is the hardest of all: Each time you are supposed to beat your toughest adversary, yourself, and try and get the highest high score ever.

Click to play Bubble

Mayan Caves, on the other hand is a switch-and-connect-three game. The unique thing about Mayan Caves is that you are not meant to connect the balls indiscriminately (you can always do that, of course, but that is not the way to win this game). Here, you have to connect a specific color in order to move on, and believe me, it is not always easy. An excellent turn of the screw to make an overused concept all the more appealing.

Click to play Mayan Caves

Now let’s move one to something a little different. Bomboozle 2 is an awesome click-and-make-groups-of-three-or-more-disappear game (on other non-related news, I think I just broke the all-time record for longest word in the whole article). You simply need to click on the groups of three or more ball-like creatures in order to raise your score. What makes this game different is that you have buckets below the main “board” that fill anytime you make a specific color disappear, which will help you keep on playing! Use them wisely!

Click to play Bomboozle 2

The last game has absolutely nothing to do with the previous connect-three games, except for the fact that it does comply with today’s theme. This game, Bizzle, is a weird kind of pool game. Here, you have to send the colored balls into the pockets in a certain amount of shots (or less – sort of like in golf). Every ball sunk gives you 50 points, but if you sink the cue ball, you lose 10 points. Show this game that you can sink all of them in fewer shots than suggested!

Click to play Bizzle

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