Zombies, Soccer and gun bullets!

If you are an avid gamer and have no preference as such between action games or sports games or adventure games you can try out the top rated games. The top rated games are mind boggling games that will fascinate you and leave you gasping at the quality and the game play speed.

In the deadly race game you have to evade all the armored cars and finish the lap after killing as many enemies as possible. To evade enemy bullets move your car by moving the mouse cursor. In the track you will find some cash markers which will add on to your existing money, bullets, nitrous boost and armors. After picking up the bullets shoot by left clicking the mouse. Collide with a car on the road to destroy it. Advance to a new level after you have reached the end of a track. You can upgrade your car after completing one level if you have enough money. To play this game click on Deadly Race.

The cold crime game is a captivating game where you have to escape after committing a crime. At every spot from the room there are people trying to stop you. You need to shoot down all of them and escape unscathed. For movement use the direction keys and in order to shoot left click on the mouse. Beware of the enemies coming from your back if you are on an assault. To fix your shot fix the mouse cursor on the enemy. To enjoy the thrill of this game all you have to do is log into Cold Crime

The Death Zombie Football game adds a new dimension to traditional football. In this instead of trying to score goals you have to try to knock the zombies trying to block the goal. The ball will be thrown at your direction and you have to position yourself in such a way that you can kick the ball as hard as possible. If you manage to kick the ball at a decent speed for more than three to four times you will be able to knock down the zombies. If you are not able to knock down the defender and keeper zombie they will kill you. To enjoy this new dimension of football just click on Death Zombie Football

Soccer balls is another game that is an aberration from conventional soccer games. To start this game you need to pick the country of your choice. Once you have done that you have to start with level 1. In this level you will be put in between a hill and you are standing at a lower level.  You have to kick the ball in such a way that it hits the referee. Over the span of the game you will be put in such tough positions where hitting the referee will take a lot of strategizing along with the requisite skill. To try out this enthralling game you just need to click on Soccer Balls

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