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I have another confession for you today: I am a die hard Pink Floyd fan. I guess I never mentioned it before because a) it never really came up, did it? And b) I cannot conceive of someone not liking the British band, so that information was irrelevant. Anyways, as I was checking out the Racing Games section in order to pick another four to review, a game caught my attention: Atom Heart. And of course, the first thing that came to my mind was the Pink Floyd album, Atom Heart Mother, and there was no possibility to let the opportunity go.

The game is actually really good, and it involves my favorite bad guys: zombies. As all games today, this is a motorbike adventure, in which you have to overcome different obstacles in order to complete each level. There are fourteen different sectors or phases to pass with the help of your tesla blaster which – yes, you guessed right – will blast zombies into oblivion. Pretty awesome!

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Race Choppers is, as the name suggests, a motorbike racing game. You can choose among four different maps in order to race against time. The road is full of checkpoints after which you get a little more time to complete the next segment of the track. Controlling the bike is fairly easy, and the game is quite simple, but nevertheless exciting. I totally suggest you give it a shot; it might turn out to be a lot more satisfying than you ever thought.

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Stunt Maker is a bit different than the previous two games. There is no race, and there is no premise behind the game. It is just you and your bike, and the endless amount of obstacles you are bound to overcome. Novelty here is that when you hit certain keys you get to perform many different tricks. However, not everything is as easy as it seems. Apparently, motorbikes are very delicate pieces of machinery, and human life is very fragile, so we must be quite conscientious when driving. Otherwise, we might be forced to start over an insufferable number of times, until we get it right (and no, I am not talking about my personal experience with it).

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2039 Rider is a more futuristic approach to, well, the same thing, basically. You drive a [pretty cool] motorbike that must make its way while overcoming many different obstacles, namely plenty of other vehicles. The game is a bit less “dangerous” than Stunt Maker, but only because you never get to reach the same high speed. The bike, however, bounces a little bit more than in the previous game, so you also need to take that into account. Quick thinking is always a must!

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