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The selection of today’s games has to do, as the title of this entry indicates, with their rating. These are the four top rated shooting games featured at BGames, and you will find pretty soon why.

Crush The Castle PP is an upgraded version of an old game, that is likely to remind you of the siege of Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (minus orcs and uruk-hai, and the overall battle feel). You are the Siege Master at the orders of a Middle Ages king who wants you to destroy all castles (and their inhabitants) resisting his ruling. You control a trebuchet, and the challenge of the game consists in clicking your mouse at the right moment so that the ammo will be released in time to reach the necessary height and speed to maximize the damage to the enemy castle. You are assigned a given territory with a number of castles of different shapes and dispositions, which require different shooting strategies. Medals are given for effectiveness, provided you not only tumble the construction down, but also kill each and every one of its dwellers (which may or may not include a king, a queen, soldiers, and the occasional damsel in distress).

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Penguinz strongly resembles a platform game — but not quite. You control a hardcore badass penguin who must eliminate all his enemies (mostly other penguins who come armed with handpicks, but also eskimos); that is the goal of the game, instead of reaching a specific destination. However, in order to do so, you can move looking for the best location to take cover and avoid being attacked from two sides at the same time. The game also includes the possibility of buying better weapons, ammunition and even health kits, even though you can always get those (and money, of course) from killing your opponents.

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Elona Shooter is a game not unlike Hold The Line, which has already been reviewed. You are supposed to hold the last defense line of a medieval castle (and the corresponding princess), with the help of a little girl (do not despair: she’s quite handy with a bow and arrow). You can choose your avatar from an impressing variety of twenty-two characters, all with different skills. Once you make it through the day, you have the chance to upgrade your tower, buy more weapons and equip yourself, and the little girl, among others. In sum, this game can be as complex as you want it to be.

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Lastly, you have Andy Law: a platform game through and through. You control Andy, and you get through different levels as you complete different missions. Enemies are ruthless (and often better-armed than you are), but the good news is that should they success at hurting you badly, you always have the possibility of continuing with a 25% energy. In the mean time you can always pick up more weapons and other gadgets that will help you achieve your goal.

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These four games offer hours of fun in many varied ways, which is why you should go and try them. Of course, you may very well disagree with their high positioning in the game food chain. The solution is simple: rate your own favorites. That is the easiest way to have a say in the matter.

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