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Today’s Action games have a little bit of everything, which guarantee something for everyone.

Agh Zombies is a mix of 2012, 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead (but without the Mayan calendar, the virus, and the romantic comedy bits, respectively). This platform game is set in London, 2012, and civilization as we know it has apparently ended. We are supposed to survive the apocalypse with the help of our bare hands, a gun, and whatever ammunition we can find in this forsaken city.  Zombies keep coming from all over the place, even as you reach your destination. They are relentless!

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Flash Flight Simulator is, of course, a completely different kind of game. Controls are really easy to use; however, flight simulators are traditionally hard to get the hang of, and this is no exception. The good news is that the variety of planes and mission possibilities is quite impressive. You can choose between the missile evasion and the free flight mode, but even within them you have further options:  on top of the 20 different planes you can usually choose from, the missile evasion mode has three other modes with special planes. Just in case you are feeling up to the challenge.

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LRD Rebirth is much closer, as a game, to Swords and Sandals (which has already been reviewed), particularly regarding the way in which fights take place. The novelty is that, as the quite comprehensive intro very well explains, you are Lethal, the bad guy. You control a half demon half human who has already been defeated once. However, since apparently you are the meanest, most badass villain that has ever roamed the Earth (well, whatever this Earth is), not even Hades can hold you back. You can improve your skills, buy spells and potions, get a battle pet, supplies and even meditate. And then, you can always fight against the locals while making your way towards Australokia, the capital city of humans. Everything to be in the finest possible shape to get some sweet revenge from all of mankind.

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Finally, Frontline TD is more of a war game, requiring both strategy and, why not, a deft hand as far as business is concerned. The dynamics of the game are a bit on the slow side, but that is just a natural characteristic of this type of game. First of all, you are meant to buy and build a tower, choosing the best location for it. The aim of this tower is to destroy the upcoming waves of enemies, which means that you should spend everything you have upgrading the tower and your skills. In between waves, you can always sell your tower and buy a new one that better suits your needs: enemies get tougher as time goes by, which means killing them takes a lot more from you. There are several missions, presenting different settings, and thus different obstacles to be overcome. Of course, you can always choose among three levels of difficulty, which may make your life a lot easier.

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These are only a sample of the range of games available in the Action section: a little bit of everything, a lot of fun.

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