World-wide Puzzles featuring Blinkz 2

Travel around the world and out playing solitaire! This is definitely the only game in town. Solitaire, as we know, is a tabletop game where one player can play alone -thus the game is named ‘solitaire’. This game not only improves one’s focus, but it also helps in patience, concentration, and strategy. Throughout history, solitaire sprung out many forms, these forms include Peg Solitaire, Majong Solitaire, and more. Experience all types of solitaire card games with the help of Bgames!

The first game is not a Solitaire games but it demands brains nonetheless!
Blinkz 2 is a game that combines physics, timing  and lots of thinking. You must delete various objects on the screen to make the 2 lovers ( displayed as objects) meet their one and true love!  Blinkz 2 is filled with challenging levels and mesmerizing graphics and sound, the difficulty curve advances slowly and the last levels are quite brain breaking!

Chill out and experience our first stop in our worldly solitaire adventure! Explore the ancient Egypt in  Scarab Solitaire! Play your favorite game with the suiting Egyptian music. Feel the ambiance of a different culture as you spend time completing each level. This game’s colorful cards are packed with wonderful themed arts designed to increase the feel of the game’s theme as you try to practice and increase your skills in the arts of solitaire.

Travel through Europe in Discover Europe! Explore different landmarks and tourist spots as you complete all the levels! Each level of solitaire game-play completed will be followed up by a game of match the difference between two pictures of historical landmarks of Europe! Enjoy the series of mini games and challenging yet fun solitaire in your trip across the land of Europe! Complete each level fast for extra bonus points.

In other country you play solitaire, in Soviet Russia solitaire plays you! In Last Spy Solitaire you play your favorite timeless game solitaire in a Russian spy theme! Clear the table in every level to proceed with the investigations! Having similar rules to that of Mahjong Solitaire, this one presents a unique arrange of cards which may prove to be more challenging or easy depending on the player.

When Earth isn’t enough, Go outside! reach the skies and travel through different planets in Galactic Odyssey Solitaire! Complete levels to blast your way out of our planet and into others, even out of our solar system! Clear all the cards to win the level. This solitaire has similar rules to mahjong -hence this can be classified as Mahjong solitaire, and to be more specific, it follows the same rule as Shisen-Sho. Enjoy the view as you complete levels that are more daunting the last, get on the rocket and fly through space! Use your card skills to complete the tour and go back to your home planet.

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The Most Wanted Bandito

The Wild West was always an inspiration for many novel and screen writers. The vast deserts filled with dangerous bandits, exotic Indians and brave lawmen that roamed the land, incited the imagination of us all.
From time to time the online gaming world releases a new game that deals this story, but fails to deliver that good old Wild West feeling. The Most Wanted Bandito is a game that doesn’t fail to deliver, period. It’s fun, it’s fast-paced and while not having the most sophisticated plot it’s still very enjoyable.

The story deals a brave lawman that tries to seize his ultimate nemesis- Elmuerto. The game is quite straight-forward and features riding a horse while jumping over obstacles and shooting various foes, such as bandits, wagons and even eagles…. :)
Like most online games the game contains cool upgrades, that are quite crucial for the game, as more advanced levels are quite impossible to pass, without the correct power-ups.

Game tips-

  1. First thing to collect is life, it may save your life :-p
  2. After acquiring life buy reloading and bullets.
  3. The fourth upgrade is luck that changes the game completely, as you start dodging bullets and other hazards.
  4. Now and on just buy as many stuff possible if you want to survive.

All and all, The Most Wanted Bandito is a fun casual run n’ gun shooting game, or to be accurate a ride n’ gun game. It’s easy to learn, hard to master and mostly quite fun.

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Digital Upgrade: Decoded Game

When talking about retro classics we all know and love Tetris, as it is one of the first games that come to mind when thinking of the good old pc games. We all played it, we all loved it and its addictive game-play is a thing that’s very hard to imitate.
The game play is quite unique as it’s very easy to approach but very hard to master.

There were many games that tried taking Tatris to the 21st century, but one game really caught my eye lately- Digital Upgrade: Decoded . This one is everything you expect from a Tetris game and much more. For starters it has lots of strategy packed inside as it’s not only match 3 and advance., this game demands the gamer to plan every move carefully for at least 2-3 moves ahead.

The game tells the story of a young girl that got caught up in a cyber world and tries to claim her memory back. The way to do that is matching 3 mini-monsters or more, and unlocking the next monster in line. The way to “earn” new monsters is by matching the last monster you unlocked. Sounds complicated? As you play it becomes quite easy to grasp and interesting .
One of the game’s most lovable features is its diversity, you can play for hours without planning anything, and just enjoying matching the cool monsters,  but if  you really want to advance and unravel the interesting story, you have to plan your moves and use the upgrades in the game.

Another great feature is the upgrades menu, which contains upgrades of all sorts and types- Blasting tiles, rows and even single monsters that help planning and advancing to the next monster in line. You can also replace specific tiles and change the next tiles location in more advanced upgrades.

One of the things I really liked in the game are the awesome mini-movies, the “ghost” story is very interesting and as you advance you unravel the truth behind a girl that was sucked into a mysterious cyber world, filled with secrets and surprises.

To sum it up, Digitat Upgrade: Decoded is one of the best match 3 games I’ve played lately, it’s easy to play and you can enjoy for hours and hours. If you get tired of mindless gaming, you can switch the game-play and start playing to unlock monsters and movies.

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Fresh and Shiny

Bgames holds a wide range of quality games from all genres, themes, and ages. We have games joining this array from all over the world every day! Let us see what’s in store for us this week and pick out those eye candies for ourselves. So let’s start the tour with assorted cartoon games fresh from the new stock!

Behold the Fearsome yet cute dragon Bamboo Dino! In this game, you play as the cuddly yet deadly wings of destruction as you reign tiny balls of fire in your enemies while avoiding their shiny spears. Sweep across the skies as you evade all the incoming projectiles and melt the village’s boss. Each level will be composed of a number of minion and one terribly ugly boss. Develop skills and techniques on avoiding obstacles and pointy objects to keep bamboo dino alive in this game packed with gorgeous cartoon-y graphics and blasting action.

Escape from the hands of an AI in Invertion! In this platform escape game, you play as a skillful droid capable of many things. You will be using different skills such as duplicating yourself and more in order to escape the dreaded place controlled by an AI who seem to love lasers and spikes. Keep an open eye for clues on the dialogue; it will help you in the puzzles at hand in this puzzle-platform game.

Be part of nature’s defense force in Bloom Defender! The mother tree is in danger, it seems that the once good spirits has been corrupted by elementals and took physical form! They now want to corrupt mother tree as well. It is your task to help defend mother tree by planting seedlings along the path. Through time you will be facing tougher and tougher elements but fret not for the mother will also open its roots to new plants that are stronger and better. It’s up to you to use the limited water you have and put the plants on strategic places to save mother tree in this fun and colorful tower defense game.

Our favorite Burrito Bison is back for more squashing in Burrito Bison Revenge! This fun squash and punch distance game is back with more destruction. Fly our hero across cartoon sky and use a hard smash to get gold coins and power ups, kill gummy bears, and reach longer distance! Upgrade your hero and use your techniques to achieve longer jumps.

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Kingly Adventures

Embark on an epic kingly quest and command your subordinates to fight and die for you. Discover the power of the sovereign king with the help of Bgames.

Lead your kingdom of blue people into victory or destruction in Castle Crusade! Command your troops to gather resources, build catapults, and repair towers as you march your armies and destroy the hated red kingdom. This is simple yet engaging real time strategy game (RTS), where your goal is to trample the enemy’s castle. Use your woodsman to gather the resources, or in this case – wood, and get bonus power-ups like catapults and extra resources from caravans, you may also use the woodsman to capture towers to further strengthen your assault. Castle from both sides continuously sends out army troops 1 at a time, it’s up to you to use your resources to upgrade your castle and insure victory!

Witness the loyalty of your subordinates in Dibbles 2 Winter Woes. In the second installment of the fun puzzle game Dibbles, The King must sacrifice his loyal men in the world of icy death to survive! Like the saying goes – “one man may be worth more than hundreds” well in this game, The King really is! You must do all you can to insure the survival of the king in this lemming-like game, even if it costs the life of your loyal lemmings – i mean troops!

Using only 1 button, embark on an epic quest playing the noble hero king Arthur in One Button Arthur! With the use of the left mouse button, control our hero as he jump, slash, and move through hazardous, monster-filled, and labyrinth-like dungeon. On each screen the function of the button changes from slashing, halting, jumping, changing directions, and so on and so forth. Can you prevail the challenge and guide Arthur ’till the end?

Defeat the evil that lurks in the castle and claim the land for your own in Chance a Lot! Using the left mouse button, interact with objects with in the game, grab bows, hammers, and ropes to reach the evil tower and bring it down with massive force. Claim the land and rule as king as you vanish the evil in the region. This is an amusing and quite challenging point ‘n click game with smooth game-play and intriguing vector graphics. Observe your surroundings and interact to it accordingly to solve the puzzle and conquer every castle!

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Extra Terrestrial Encounter

Do you believe in extra terrestrial creatures? Do you believe that aliens walk among us? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you must be either paranoid or a victim of an alien abduction. Either way, The fact is… It is scarier to think that we are alone in the vastness of space than to think that aliens are out there. somewhere… well, with the our help you can encounter all types of fictional aliens. So what you waiting for? Meet them all with the help of Bgames!

Protect our beautiful planet from ravaging asteroids and mean aliens in Moon Cannon! Mount a huge space cannon into the moon to shoot down incoming asteroids and aliens. Install defensive laser satellites, upgrade your firepower, and enhance your gun to keep the population of the human race high in this challenging defense shooter game.

When it’s too late for space defense, then prepare yourself for some land action in Bomb the Aliens!  Equipped with the coolest alien technology, blast your way through wave after wave of enemy assault. In this defense game, you control a weapon satellite mounted with tons of alien and high-tech weaponry, and your goal is to survive waves of freakish aliens. You can buy and install towers, miners, generators, and other defensive turrets to help you. Different guns cause different damage and effects, so choosing on which gun to fire at critical times may save the life of you and your comrades, and ultimately your planet.

When the action of controlling the critical defense weapon of the satellites ain’t good enough for your action needs, Then prepare yourself for some RTS (real time strategy) action in Alien Invasion V2! In the second installment of this defense RTS game, you’ll be deploying more types of special units, creating more types of structures, and facing more types of weird alien opponents. Face waves after waves of enemies from both direction, so set up a perimeter and position your troops wisely, and if things go difficult, you always have your weapon satellite to rain death from above.

Well what if, those aliens are friendly and they’re just stuck on Earth by some unfortunate accident? Help this friendly alien go back to his friends in Back to the Alien Party! Upgrade your flying saucer to improve boosters, hull, and aerodynamics to launch yourself out of the Earth’s orbit. Don’t forget to upgrade your magnet too to collect more coins and cash for better upgrades in this fun distance launch game.

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Monstrous Trucks

Meet the beast of all 4-wheeled vehicles here in Bgames! Watch as these monster trucks compete against post-apocalyptic worlds, hazardous terrains, and impossible tracks. So what are you waiting for? Pick a scenario and play now!

Complete the obstacle course in the sky with your 4-wheeled madness in Monster Truck 3D! Play through several levels of difficult tracks. Coated with rich 3D graphics and smooth game play, this game is for boys of all ages. Conquer impossible tracks by collecting stars from sky high and complete the game. Watch out for pits and edges, gravity is heartless.

Experience the power of the tractors in Tractors Power! This baby doesn’t want his cousin the monster truck get all the destruction fame, Feel the horse power in this huge machine as you trample smaller objects and crushing them beneath your wheels. Being a construction vehicle has their perks too! push and throw objects to the air with your giant metal installed shovel arm! Reach the finish line as you travel through blocked terrains, scattered blocks, and crazy road tracks in this fun distance game!

Survive the post apocalyptic world as you desperately try to reach the rescue helicopter in Earn to Die! Earn money by going longer distance and cruelly decapitating those undead freaks. Upgrade your vehicle by putting jet engine turbos, extra gas cans, a bad-ass wheels, and a high tech engine, or you can simply buy a better car and upgrade it to the fullest. Do everything you can and buy everything your money can afford to reach the rescue copter before you get stuck in a world creeping with undead with not a single living human companion.

When hope on rescue is gone it’s time to take survival in our own hands in Nuclear Outrun! The world is now infested with these crawling zombies and the living humans have decided the wipe out every single one of them by bombing cities after cities. As a survivor you flee desperately outside the nuclear’s radius before it is too late. With limited trucks and people in your group, you lead your way out of the city! Get experience points on the distance traveled and upgrade your combat skills, vehicle, and the world in totality. Equip and use an arsenal of epic weaponry as you lay waste on the zombies that tries to stop you! How many people can you deliver to safety?

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Copter Assault

Glide through the skies with these bad-ass copters and execute your missions as you explore vast lands, rescue the citizens, defuse bombs, protect your territories, and destroy your enemies in Bgames helicopter flash games! Get ready to ride and conquer the skies in this action-packed adventure we’re about to venture together. So buckle up and prepare to fly.

Save the world like a pro in Heli Bomb Defuser! Using your multipurpose copter your goal is to defuse big bombs with your  magnetic robot arm by grabbing the bomb and throwing it on the thrash bin. Now that’s how the pros do it! This challenging game requires absolute control on the copter, one bump or one minor crash may result to your immediate death! just like what they say… one minute you’re a person, the next… you’re a bloody rain! Are you up for this challenge? Fly through mazes and obstacles and defuse the bomb before it explodes!

Discover the conflict between two forces in Helly Yeah! Explore the lands of black and white and bomb tanks and anti air personnel! Your mission is to reach the other end of the map by destroying obstacles and tanks. Create your own path in this awesome action game as you lead your copter across moving obstacles and armed enemies. Follow the interesting and funny story as you play through levels of increasing difficulty in a world of hue.

Defend your base against overwhelming opponents with your assault copter in H.E.L.I.C.! This action defense game combines tower defense and helicopter action in one explosive game! Upgrade your guns using your weapons factory, build defensive turrets , and gather repair kits to survive against waves of enemy tanks and forces. Hover over your structures to begin repair and survive another wave. Remember, your structures define your strength, it’s necessary to protect them for you to survive this almost endless wave of enemies.

Catch and destroy bad guys in Helicops! Play as a law enforcer and use your battle copter to eliminate the helicopter threat in the city in this 360 degrees of explosive action! Gather power-ups and missile ammunition to destroy your opponent copters and building turrets and free your city from the grasp of the enemy’s hands. This is a fun and challenging aerial shooter where you rain lead on your opponent while avoiding enemy’s fire. Use your maneuvering and shooting skills to survive as long as you can and destroy as many foes as you can!

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Rated Arrr for Pirate!

Once feared, now loved! The pirates are greedy and savage humans who are similar to barbarians in more than one way, but their sense of fashion sure makes up for a good costume these days, Especially on Halloween!  Play and learn the pirate’s ways with the help of Bgames! Arrr ye ready matey? Let’s explore the world of the pirates and join the action on these flash games!

Join the three pirates Jack, Smith, and Bakuba as they protect the treasures they have found in the island of Teelos in Pirates of Teelonians! Defend your ship with guns, bombs, and cannons as another group of heartless pirates come to take your treasures in this action-packed defense game! Choose who among the three pirate to control! Each pirate has different skills and attacks that you may use to gain advantage over your enemies! Use power-ups to temporarily increase or add effects to the cannons you control! This is a challenging game that’s only meant to be played by real pirates!

Be the captain of this pirate ship as you hijack, rob, destroy civilian ships, battle the navy, and destroy other pirates in this fun game -Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Lead the never-ending quest of wealth, fame, and power as you battle the royal navy, plunder merchant ships, and sink the rival pirates! Be the most feared pirate of all time and establish a name of being infamous in this wonderful naval action game!

Get more gold and treasures by helping these pirates throw some balls in Greedy Pirates! Use your supreme aim and accuracy to be rich! Take advantage of gravity, physics, and your surroundings to hit the target! Remember that you can let the ball roll and bounce as you plan and aim for your angle! This is actually a fun game, but what bothers me is it’s logic. Frankly I don’t understand how can someone get the treasure chest by throwing balls on it. oh well. I guess that’s just some secrets only pirates can know.

Battle your pirate nemesis in Buccaneer Battle! Fight, Brawl, and shoot the Ship’s captain and all his crew as you try to save your life and teach those scumbags pirates a lesson they won’t easily forget! Play this amazing brawl and shoot game with swords, rifles, and cannons! Your goal is to slay the captain to become victorious! Pick up bombs and utilize your gun to aid you in this challenging quest!

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Knightly Duties

It’s time once again to explore the middle ages where the world is all about knighthood and chivalry.  Let Bgames  enlighten your path to knighthood by taking a tour to discover the heroic path of these heroes and take part in the action!

Play as a fierce knight in Dragon Tower and slash your way through hordes of undead opponents and fantasy enemies!  Use your spear and shield to conquer the top of this dungeon tower! Charge your spear to unleash a powerful magical strike that smashes through your enemies defense. In this action fighting game you’ll be facing skeleton warriors, archers, and ghost assassins swarming towards you. Use your skills and the aid of weird floating creatures to  surpass all the monsters and defeat the tower boss.

Follow the rhythm of the music to survive the enemy onslaught and destroy your opponents in Knights Of Rock! This fast-paced game will measure your skills in hand and eye coordination. Try your best to survive as long as you can by pressing the correct buttons at the right time. Don’t let your hp drop too low or it’s all over. Rock ‘n Roll to the beat of the music and don’t get distracted by the number of enemies! Focus on the beat to win this game!

Insuring the victory of the battle doesn’t only consist of muscle power and strong armor, one of the most critical key to winning is speed and strategy! In Capture the Castle you’ll have the opportunity of overwhelming your opponent with the number of knights you have! Divide your forces wisely through kingdoms to insure good offense and defense. Place your troops strategically and conquer all small villages to aid your assault on the enemy’s castle or change strategy and overrun the castle first and finish the enemy villages afterwards! Either way your goal is to conquer the lands with your loyal knights.

Embark on an epic chibi quest and save the lands from three giant beasts in Chibi Knight. Slay monsters to gain experience and raise your level, Learn magic spells and special skills, and navigate your way through the big world to search and destroy the three monster bosses! Use your magic spells wisely to avoid running out of mana! This action adventure game has a wonderful combination of RPG and chibi cuteness. This game is surprisingly challenging, addictive, and fun at the same time. Are you skilled enough to destroy all three beasts?

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